The year 2020 has heaped a lot of new challenges for businesses. We know we have had our fair share. Combined solutions that integrate our technology partners products are our forte. It creates best of breed solutions that provide powerful tools for businesses, schools and state/local governments.  However the real power of blended solutions comes from multi-purposing traditionally silo-ed environments such as using your surveillance cameras not just for lost prevention, but also use that video data for better retail intelligence.

Cloud Migration
Cloud Migration
COVID-19 showed that John Chambers' bold prediction about the fate of business in the Cloud was true. Businesses need a Cloud strategy to survive.
Network Design
Networks are the foundation for all other data driven technologies.
Physical Security
The influx of SMART technology has driven physical security into the realm of IT
School Safety
Building on strong IT to help schools solve the reality of the world we live in.
Smart Cities
From digital interactive services to full automation projects, smart technology is helping local governments become more efficient.
Tactical Communications
Utilizing multiple vendors we have developed tripod mounted mobile kits
Paliton_WiFi as a Service
Wi-Fi as a Service
Managed Wi-Fi gives you the confidence, features and scalability of Enterprise Wi-Fi without having to manage the complexity yourself.