Tactical Communications

Leveraging best of breed solutions from our Partner network, Paliton has developed tactical communication platforms to address mission requirements and business objectives.

Event Wi-Fi

Using Tripod mounted Devices forming a virtual mesh, Paliton’s mobile Wi-Fi solution is perfect for street fairs and other outdoor events were Wi-fi can be extended out from a central location. Event patrons can be provided guest access while vendors can take advantage of secured Wi-Fi to process payments with mobile devices.

Event Surveillance

Taking the Event Wi-Fi to the next level, modified versions of the Tripod mounted Wi-Fi can be outfitted with camera to surveil crowds at events like marathons and parades. Using Analytics and machine assisted AI, events such as the appearance of suspicious packages can be automated and reported. Integration with temporary private LTE networks can allow the additional integration of drone camera feeds directly into the VMS.

Temporary Work Area Security

Construction sites are a common place for theft. Using the tactical kits can provide site security for outdoor jobs sites. Using Outdoor band Wi-fi or private LTE as the communications backbone can save a tremendous about of money over traditional mobile carrier devices that can cost $1000s of dollars per camera to operate.