Cloud Migration

Former Cisco CEO John Chambers predicted in 2015 that within 10 years 40% of current businesses that are not on the “Cloud” will fail

What that means

It was bold statement that many scoffed at when reading the headline, but his reasoning has held true. This does not mean every business has to become a cyber business. What Chambers alluded to was that in order to stay competitive companies are going have to incorporate Cloud based tools and services into their business operations. Many businesses, particularly consumer driven business will need “Cloud” services as part of their business strategy to either drive sales, interact with customers or simply take advantage of business intelligence mechanisms that streamline costs.

Was he right?

The COVID-19 Pandemic accelerated his point for many small businesses and retail/food service operations. Some thrived, some struggled and others simply went out of business. The common denominator was the Cloud. Those who had already adopted or were founded using Cloud Services were more readily able to adapt to a world of virtual only business. Those that had a pathway either emerged with a new business model or failed to transition correctly and closed. Many that had not even begun to transition their business were simply left behind and are now facing a tall task hoping to rebound.

A Path Forward

At Paliton we have seen many business fail during this transition simply because decision makers did not understand the meld between the technology and business operations. They simply tried to “forklift” their IT into the cloud. This approach is both futile and costly. Before a business even starts the transition, they have to understand how to go from the “Cloud” to the Cloud. The Cloud is many things and knowing what it is, what it can do and most importantly what it can do for your business is key. Engineers at Paliton developed Cloud Services before the “Cloud” was even a marketing term. We understand what it can it do. Our Cloud Migration services is more than just about technology. Its about understanding your business and adapting it so that it can stay competitive in a Cloud driven world.